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Madhya Pradesh is one of the most promising tourist destinations in India. As this state says" Dekho Apna Desh". More recently, Madhya Pradesh introduced its tourism investment policy. Madhya Pradesh currently has 24 sanctuaries, 11 national parks, six project tiger reserves, three world heritage sites, and two Shiva Jyotirlings. Approx. 3,00,000 KM road network with 40+ national highways Sanchi, Khajuraho, and Bhimbetka are world heritage sites. Approximately 30% of MP's total area is covered by forest (94,689 square kilometres). Under tourism policy, investment INR 3372 crore and employment approx. 50,500. Capital subsidy of INR 193.19 crore has been sanctioned to 96 tourism projects. 13 heritage property allotted to investors. 358 hector land has been allotted to 39 investors. The MP Tourism Board is a nodal agency to grant licences for water activities like cruises, houseboats, motorboats, jet skis, and speed boats. There are 22 water bodies in an area of approximately 3,000 km that have been designated for water sports/tourism activity.

MP also has good potential in film tourism. Till date, 185 big movies and 40 others have been shot in MP. The MP government offers a tourism policy for 2016. Some of the key elements include: 1) defining all tourism projects; 2) Offer capital investment subsidies. 3) A capital subsidy of 15% to 50% up to INR 90 crore 3) deciding capital subsidy cases within 45 days. Adventure and camping procedures: Investors have to create basic infrastructure and run camps at least 50 days a year. For the first five years, the licence fee is INR 25,000. Renewal licence fees are INR 5K per annum. It was also a pleasurable moment to meet with Mr Suresh Jharia, joint director, investment promotion; Mr SD Sharma, assistant director; and Mr Santosh Kesarkar, consultant.