About Yatra Amantran

India’s only Hindi Travel Magazine. We are here to promote tour and travel in the Hindi Language which is India’s official language. Also, more than 70% of the population speak Hindi. Yatra Amantran is also a media member of The Outbound Travel Operator Association. Apart from running a bi-monthly magazine on travel, we also cover current affair issues.

In our last edition, we talked about the exhausted and pathetic situation of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Primarily we believe that tourism flourishes and travelers like to visit only when the city has corruption-free amenities. But the system rarely cares for anything. So we talk about current affair issues simultaneously so the tourism environment should be breathable.

We also started a travel agency with the help of our team of professional journalists, activists, bloggers and intellectuals. The purpose of the travel agency is to give an educated and informative travel experience. We welcome anyone who would like to be a part of Yatra Amantran with a passion to contribute to tourism.

In short, we are here to care for the tourism industry in all aspects, be it as a journalist or a passionate traveler.