OTT Play Travel app for our Athithi

"Athithi Devo Bhav," this simple three-word phrase, is the key element of tourism. Yatra Aamantran brings a travel OTT app for our "Athithi," and it helps all travel professionals work with businesses in tourism. So we invite you to please join us and bring a new perspective to India's travel business.

We respect your valuable time, and we also understand the nature of work in the travel business. So we drew up a simple memorandum of understanding with the best conditions in your favour and managed the transparency for you.
The best example is that the payment goes directly to your account, and we ask for only 5% as commission.
Please find the MOU and e-copy brochure as attachments.

Please fill the Google Form / upload business video
Please read the above instruction carefully and to Download MOU
To read our brochure or to download our E-Brochure
Our helpline number is 7350851852 . Alternately, mail us at for any kind of inquiry. We will get to you as soon as possible.